The Sally Beauty Rewards credit card and Cosmo Prof Rewards credit card are private-label credit cards offered by Sally Beauty Holdings. Both offer discounts, benefits, and increased reward dollar-earning potential.

But how do they compare?

There is a caveat: The Sally Beauty card is open to anyone, whereas the Comenity Cosmo Prof Card is tailored to beauty industry professionals.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of which card is right for your beauty needs. Let’s get to it and see which one comes out on top.

Sally Beauty company overview

Sally Beauty stores (including CosmoProf, a division of Sally Holdings) cater to consumers and beauty salon professionals with up to 8,000 hair color, hair care, skin, and nail products.

Its credit cards and rewards programs aim to place Sally Beauty on par with competitors like Ulta's Ultimate Rewards program and Sephora’s Beauty Insider program.

By catering to consumers and prosumers, they’re equipped to capitalize on their share of the ever-growing beauty market, which is ​​projected to grow to $110 billion by 2028.

In 2019, they launched a free app for iOS and Android to cater to changing customer shopping trends, which allows loyalty program members to easily track rewards and redeem certificates.

You can access your purchase history through the app and quickly place repeat orders. This type of personalization enhances customer experience and provides convenient access to rewards and deals.

What about the existing Sally Beauty Rewards loyalty program?

Before you consider signing up for a credit card, it's essential to know that Sally Beauty offers a three-tiered rewards program that can benefit you whether or not you have one of their credit cards.

The Sally Beauty Rewards Program is a revamped, no-fee loyalty program you can join with just your email address either online or in-store. And you'll earn points for any purchase made that same day.


For every 500 points earned, you receive a $5 reward. Every $1 equals ten points. So spending $50 immediately gives you a $5 reward certificate for your next purchase.

Points accumulate if you make at least one purchase within 12 months. And you can redeem them on almost any purchase in-store, except gift cards.


Spend $200 when you join the loyalty program and get Elite status, earning a 25% bonus on all points and free shipping on online orders with no minimum purchase.

To maintain Elite status and benefits, you must continue making at least $200 in purchases within a single calendar year. Otherwise, you’ll be downgraded to Preferred.


The pro tier is reserved exclusively for professional stylists, cosmetologists, barbers, nail technicians, salon owners, and ambitious cosmetology students.

With the presentation of credentials, you can join the program and receive 5% - 20% on a range of beauty products, as well as all the perks of the Preferred member level.

Sally Beauty Loyalty Rewards Summary

Sally Beauty Loyalty Tier / credit cardPreferredElite Pro
Eligibility FreeSpend $200 per year Must be an accredited beauty professional or business owner
Points$1 = 10 points $1 = 12.5 points$1 = 10 points
Free shipping on all ordersNoYesNo
Birthday giftNoYesNo

Cosmo Prof vs. Sally Beauty credit card

As mentioned, both cards are administered by Comenity Capital Bank, founded in 1989 to provide private-label credit services to various retail establishments.

Note that they are not Visa credit cards and are limited to Cosmo Prof and Sally Beauty product purchases. Let’s compare their application processes, rewards, and costs.

Application Process

Cosmo Prof Rewards credit card

You can apply for the Cosmo Prof Rewards credit card online. Should you wish to apply for the card through Sally Beauty, they will verify your professional status before enrolling you in the Cosmo Prof program.

Once approved, you'll receive a 12-digit Cosmo Prof Membership Card via email. Simply use this number to register your account at to gain exclusive access to shopping and savings.

Sally Beauty Rewards credit card

As with the Cosmo Pro card, you can easily apply for the Sally Beauty Rewards credit card through their website. If you’re not already a loyalty member, you’ll get enrolled when you apply for their credit card.

You can access your Sally Beauty account by entering your login details and completing the required personal information. Once your card arrives, you can conveniently activate it online.

Cashback offers and rewards

The Cosmo Prof Rewards credit card

The Cosmo Prof credit card comes with automatic enrollment in the Gold Tier, where you'll enjoy a 3% discount on all purchases made with the card.

While some credit cards advertise a 3% cashback offer, Cosmo Prof takes a different approach by offering a discount at the time of purchase. This means you won't receive cash back but will instead get a lower purchase price.

Credit card companies often use high cashback rates as a selling point, but there are usually restrictions that make it challenging to earn that full amount.

Because of restrictions, you're likely to end up with just 1.5% cashback. In comparison, receiving a guaranteed 3% discount at the moment of purchase could be more beneficial.

But that's not allthe Cosmo Prof Rewards credit card also lets you earn Beauty Marks (10 for every $1 spent) with every purchase at Sally Beauty.

Once you hit the annual spending threshold of $4,000, you're bumped up to the exclusive Platinum Tier, where you receive a 3% discount and complimentary shipping on orders over $150.

The only downside is you must maintain at least a $4,000 spend per year to maintain Platinum status. Otherwise, you're downgraded for the following calendar year.

The Sally Beauty rewards card

Cardholders earn 2.5 points for every dollar spent when swiping their Sally Beauty Rewards Cards. New members also receive a generous 20% off their next purchase with the card.

Plus, you can take advantage of free shipping within the US with no minimum purchase amount, making it even more convenient to stock up on beauty essentials.

Additionally, all card members look forward to celebrating their birthday with a special $10 reward in their birthday month and a surprise gift on the anniversary of their account opening.

Interest rates and fees

Because Comenity Capital Bank issues both cards, the APR is 32.34%roughly 7.88% higher than the national average. For $4,000 worth of products, a year's interest would be $1,293.

What’s more, late payment fees are $41 on both cards, compared to your average American credit card, which ranges from $15 to $35. Overall, the APR and fees are steep.

Luckily, there is no annual fee on either card, which offers the flexibility to keep the card open without feeling like you’re losing money if you’re not spending.

Cosmo Prof Awards credit card vs. Sally Beauty credit card summary

FeatureCosmo Prof credit cardSally Beauty Rewards credit card
Annual feeNoneNone
Welcome offer$20 of your first purchase of $50 or more$20 off your first purchase of $50 or more
Rewards2.5 Beauty Marks for every $1 spent at Sally Beauty, plus an additional 2.5 Beauty Marks for every dollar spent at Cosmo Prof.2.5 Beauty Marks for every $1 spent at Sally Beauty
RedemptionBeauty Marks can be redeemed for discounts on purchases at Cosmo Prof and Sally Beauty.Beauty Marks can be redeemed for discounts on purchases at Sally Beauty
Other benefitsFree shipping on all purchases of $50 or more, birthday and anniversary rewards.Free shipping on all orders with no minimal purchase, birthday, or anniversary

What type of beauty product shopper are you?

Considering the Cosmo Prof credit card is only available for professionals, pitting it against the Sally Beauty credit card is like comparing chalk and cheese.

If you’re a beauty professional spending more than $4,000 per year at Cosmo Prof and/or Sally Beauty, the discounts may be worth it, especially if you buy products in bulk.

But Sally’s credit card is probably a better option for ordinary consumers, especially considering the average American only spends $722 on their appearance per year.

Yet that begs a bigger question: is a niche beauty credit card even necessary?

There’s no need to break the bank

A cash-back credit card will likely offer better rewards and incentives if your primary goal is to save on every purchase, no matter where you’re shopping.

On the other hand, if you love beauty products and they’re a big part of your budget, Sally’s Beauty and Cosmo Prof credit cards make sense.

Otherwise, just join their rewards program, which you can do without their credit card.